Indications that You’ve Hired a Bad Lawyer

Is your current lawyer not answering your emails or calls? Do they take a long time to respond? Are they making crucial decisions without asking your opinion? If your answer is yes, you’ve hired a bad lawyer.

If you know how to identify the signs of an ineffective lawyer, you can easily reconsider your choice and look for a competent one instead.

It does not matter whether you’re hiring a DUI lawyer or an Orlando immigration lawyer, there are several things you need to keep an eye out for. Here are some of them:

Imprecise Billing

Is your lawyer charging you an hourly rate? If so, then this is extremely crucial. A lot of law firms hire team members who earn various hourly wages. Your bill should include the name of the lawyer who is working on your case, what the lawyer did, and how long it took them to complete the task. It is a huge red flag if the lawyer can’t justify how he bills you.


Is your lawyer always late for meetings? Does he miss his promises? Does your lawyer look professional or unkempt? It is a huge red flag if the attorney is always late for appointments or appears untidy.

A judge will not take seriously these kinds of lawyers. Thus, it might affect your case. Oftentimes, legal matters of all sorts are subject to strict schedules. You might not want to hire a lawyer who can’t monitor deadlines and follow them.

Attitude Disagreements

Not all lawyers are the same. They come from different backgrounds. They have a range of personalities. A couple of lawyers are passive, while some are energetic. You need to assess your lawyer to guarantee they’re an excellent fit for your personality types and needs.

You might not want a person with a lot of wrong type of energy to represent you if you’re susceptible to anxiety. This can result in you feeling uneasy or on edge about your case and your representation.

You should always look for a lawyer that can make you feel at ease and comfortable. Their demeanor should be reassuring and reasonable. You might have to look for another lawyer if you feel uneasy working with them.

Ineffective Communication

You might have hired a bad lawyer if you’re constantly frustrated by the communication style of your lawyer. The lawyer should always keep you aware of anything that is happening in your case.

If the lawyer fails to communicate with you, you should think about hiring another one.

Lack of Enthusiasm

You probably take your case seriously. That is why your lawyer should also make your case his/her priority. Always remember that your lawyer will handle several cases and clients. Still, you need to ensure that the lawyer is wary of the state of your case.

Aside from that, you need a lawyer who believes in your argument and cares about your case. The reason for this is that they’ll be the ones telling a story that should persuade the jury or judge to choose your side.

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